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Accepted Papers

We are delighted to announce the following list of papers accepted for publication in proceedings.

008 Wuhan Donghu University, Wuhan

011 Academy of Armored Forces Engineering, Beijing

016 Heyuan Polytechnic, Heyuan

006 The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhengzhou

007 Henan Academy institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhengzhou

008 Henan Province Hospital of TCM, Zhengzhou

033 Jilin University, Changchun

038 University of Connecticut, USA

037 Jilin University, Changchun

012 Xianning Vocational Technical College, Xianning

013 Yunan Normal University, Kunming

016 Yunan Normal University, Kunming

017 Heihe University, Heihe

040 Yunan Normal University, Kunming

042 Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational And Technical College, Liuzhou

045 Qingdao University of Technology, Qingdao

074 Hezhou University, Hezhou

075 Hezhou University, Hezhou

047 Yanbian University, Yanji

035 Hubei Communications Technical College, Wuhan

048 Heyuan Polytechnic, Heyuan

049 Heyuan Polytechnic, Heyuan

050 Heyuan Polytechnic, Heyuan

068 Heyuan Polytechnic, Heyuan

077 Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan

081 Hezhou University, Hezhou

Guangxi Vocational and Technical college of Communications, Liuzhou

078 Korea Polytechnic University, South Korea